Breeze Blow Dry Bar


We are Breeze Blow Dry Bar, a totally new concept in hair styling and one of the fastest growing segments of the beauty industry. The concept is straightforward: No cutting. No coloring. Just a luxurious shampoo followed by a professional blow-out. Breeze In. Breeze Out.

We’re blowing into St. Louis this fall and are looking to hire talented people to help us build our brand! We have a strong identity and culture and want inspired employees with a Breeze attitude.


If you commit to us, we will commit to you. Breeze will provide initial, as well as, ongoing training and support, with opportunities for growth and advancement in your career.


Company name: Breeze Blow Dry Bar
Mailing address: 9916 Clayton Road St. Louis, MO 63124
Tell me how to apply! If you want to take your sweet hosting skills and put them to work for Breeze, zap us your resume and/or video clip. We will alert you of the audition dates upon receipt.

What can you bring to the party?

Ask yourself these questions: Do you thrive on being a part of a team as capable as delta force? Do you get a little kick when you have improved someone’s day? Do you have the desire to master your craft and grow in the beauty field? If you answered “yes” then read on.

The ideal Breeze Stylist will be:


All stylists get to take advantage of the Breeze Academy training program. Developed by our dynamic creative director, the program will give you coveted training, tools, and skills necessary to deliver a range of six progressive and perfectly blown-out styles.


One of the coolest things about working for us - you can work part-time and continue your regular gig at another other salon! We also have lots of different shifts to choose from. Are you an early bird? We need some of those too. Our first shift starts at 7am.

How can you apply?

We offer a competitive hourly rate, plus tips, and a bonus plan for retail product sales and up-charge services.Send us your resume and/or video clip and tell us why Breeze is the place for you send us your resume.

If we agree, we’ll get back in touch with you!